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Welcome to the Private Sector Operations Business Manual.  This online manual has been developed to facilitate access to guidance and resources regarding the full spectrum of the Bank’s private sector operations.

The Manual is intended for use by ADB staff members.  It provides a brief overview of the Bank’s private sector operations: rationale, focus and strategy; the organisational framework; as well as links to the overarching policies that guide the Bank’s support for private sector development on the continent.

Other modules provide detailed guidance regarding the various phases of the project cycle.  These modules aim to provide access to information (purpose, key activities and timeframes, roles and responsibilities, outputs and outcomes), as well as policies, procedures, guidelines and resources associated with each phase and sub-phase of the project cycle:

  • Identification Phase:
    • Business Development and Project Origination
    • Exploratory Review
  • Preparation Phase:
    • Concept Review
    • Final Review
    • Documentation, Closing and First Disbursement
  • Implementation Phase:
    • Monitoring and Supervision
    • Ex-Post Evaluation

The business of development banking on the African continent is highly challenging and complex.  As a leading multilateral development finance institution, the Bank maintains the highest standards of corporate governance, professionalism and risk management in its quest to unlock the enormous development potential of our continent.  This requires a rigorous internal policy and control environment to underpin its operations; but one which at the same time nurtures innovation and flexibility in dealing with complex challenges.

Understanding and negotiating the many policy and operational requirements to take a project from an initial concept to fruition can be a daunting task, even for a seasoned development finance practitioner.  Ready access to policies, procedures, best practice and helpful guidance can greatly assist, and this Manual aims to provide the information you require on a real-time basis.

The Manual aims to be more than a compilation of rules and procedures.  In addition to detailing what needs to be done, by whom and when, it also seeks to provide helpful guidance on “how”, by providing checklists, guidance notes, external links, as well as the opportunity for colleagues to share lessons of experience.

By its nature, the Manual is dynamic.  It will be further developed and refined on an ongoing basis.  This is your resource, and colleagues are encouraged to contribute towards enhancing the usefulness and functionality of this Manual by providing suggestions and sharing lessons of experience.




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